If you intend to visit Bordeaux, the bus stop (Victoire-Arisitde Briand) and the tramway station (place de la Victoire) are located just 50 meters away from our house and you can be in the town center very quickly, where you will find all the places you have to see.

The Victory town square is the student quarter of Bordeaux, where there is the Faculty of Medicine. With many restaurants and cafés all around, this place is really a lively neighbourhood and often offers to everyone the opportunity of seeing a performance, listening to a concert or attending other cultural events.

In 2005, through a new urban design planning, two masterpieces made by the czech carver Ivan Theimer were installed on the square : one obelisk and two cast iron turtles, that became then a sort of the Victory town square symbol, dedicated to the glory of the wine growing.

If you like to move around the markets, you will find a very pleasant place, 5 minutes from the house. The Capucins’ market is the largest covered market in Bordeaux. There you will be able to shop for groceries, savour an oyster dish from the Arcachon Bay, a spanish tapas plate or a delicatessen and cheese plate, served with a good Entre-deux-mers or Bordeaux wine. And all around the market, many restaurants will welcome you, to help you discover local flavours or allow you to travel all around the world…